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Workflow Management: Better Software & Better Processes to Improve Your Staffing Firm's Performance

AST solutions are about much more than just organizing information. Our "outcomes oriented" approach is designed to help you determine very specific goals for improving your business performance, and then designing the process changes that are required to realize those goals.

These changes typically go well beyond installing software to the core of how your company does business. Our Workflow Management Tools allow you to define business rules and monitor processes in real-time to ensure the right procedures are consistently being followed.

AST's Workflow Management Tools include:
  • Taskwise

    • Integrated access to sales, accounting and operations data
    • Business rules allow you to control and monitor employee behavior
    • Automated task scheduling for sales and operations staff
    • Real-time monitoring of client relationships and activities
    • AnswerReady knowledge base provides training, guidance and support
    • Automated script building
  • Flow Mods

    • Custom process engineering
    • Operator or group specific customization
    • Activate "Alerts" based on certain conditions occurring
    • Stop normal workflow if the correct conditions are not met
  • Extended Data

    • Add new fields to virtually any record in the system
    • Customize screens for clients, contacts, job orders, candidates, milestones, timesheets, invoice history, credits and more.
    • Capture system-wide data, when and where you need it
    • Setup custom database files
  • ImportMate

    • Create new records using data from other products
    • Update selected fields in existing records while leaving other fields unchanged

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