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Front Office Staffing Software

AST's integrated front office tools will help you shorten the sales cycle, improve customer service, increase client and candidate retention, improve efficiency and accuracy, and strengthen customer relationships. Key front office tools include:

Applicant Tracking

  • Full job history
  • Full placement history
  • Complete activity and availability tracking
  • Structured skill searching and full-text searching of all candidate data
  • Reverse searching to find qualified clients for candidate marketing
  • Automatic e-mail support
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Resume Importing

  • Industry leading resume parsing using integrated technology from Resume Mirror
  • Extract candidate data from Word, PDF and HTML documents
  • Import candidate data from Monster and most popular job boards
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Job Order Management

  • Ease, fast, customizable job order entry
  • Template orders for easy and mistake-proof entry
  • Pre-established rates and margins
  • Fast and accurate searches with multiple options for refining the hit list
  • Activity records that link together clients, contacts, applicants and job orders, viewed from any screen
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Scheduling & Medical Staffing Office Management

  • Candidate database with certifications and licensure information
  • Calendar and Scheduling for shifts and visits
  • Facilities billing matrix
  • Scheduling fully integrated with medical staffing billing and payroll
  • Facility and candidate confirmation process
  • Private Pay Homecare Billing
  • Medical Records for homecare including HCFA and state Medicaid billing
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CRM (Client Relationship Management)

  • Contact and relationship management

    • Holistic view of relationships (360 degree from every perspective of client relationship
    • Separate Prospect and Client Differentiation in Database
    • Action Campaign processor that runs automatically
    • Dynamic graphs and views that tell you what is going on with targeted accounts
    • Ability to coordinate service and sales activities
    • Unlimited contacts per client and prospect
    • Automatic e-mail processor
  • Task Management for Staffing Sales Professionals

    • Automate your sales process, including the scheduling of sales calls, to-dos, and recurring tasks
    • Monitor follow-up status with automated alerts
    • Automated script building to program your procedures into the system
  • Track Staffing buying trends and invoice history

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