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Staffing Software That Integrates with Your Existing Systems

AST has developed productivity bridges with other staffing vendors to help our clients seamlessly import and export data to and from these firms. Our productivity bridges include:

Productivity Bridges
QWIZ Directly transfer assessment data into candidate records.
Wells Fargo Positive Pay AST will send payroll data to Wells Fargo in an accepted format to take advantage of Positive Pay services, which greatly reduce the chance of check fraud.
ADP & Ceridian While AST front and back office tools allow payroll processing to be managed in-house, some staffing firms prefer 3rd party solutions. AST's payroll bridges automate the transfer of payroll data to your preferred vendor.
Time Connect Import timecard data collected from either system directly into AST and eliminate the need to re-key payroll information.
TALX Corporation TALX Corporation is a leading provider of human resource and payroll-related services and holds a leadership position in automated employment and income verification as well as unemployment tax management. TALX provides over 9,000 clients, including three-fourths of Fortune 500 companies, with web-based services focused in three employment-related areas: Hiring, Pay Reporting, and Compliance. Hiring services include assessments and talent management, paperless new hires, and tax credits and incentives. Pay Reporting services include electronic time tracking, paperless pay, and W-2 management. Compliance services include employment and income verifications, unemployment tax management, and I-9 management.
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Payroll Add-Ons
Direct Deposit Allows each employee to send funds to up to four bank accounts. Pre-noting of Direct Deposit is also incorporated.
InstaPay InstaPay (StatPay for Healthcare) lets you produce on-demand payroll checks with NO batch processing necessary. And, because InstaPay is completely integrated with AST front office tools, invoices are available immediately, just like in normal batch processing.
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Database Products
AcuODBC AcuODBC provides for access to your data through ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) drivers. This technology allows you to use powerful tools, such as Excel and Crystal Reports, and query AST data directly into your spreadsheet, or report.
Microsoft SQL Server MS SQL Server allows your data to be accessed with other tools, in a similar manner to AcuODBC; it also allows for high-level, fast queries and writing of data to your tables. You can run your AST system as an MS SQL Server database. While many hardware considerations must be met in order to follow this route, for some customers, this is a great option.
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Partner Services
AcuPrint AcuPrint provides custom form processing to work on any printer. Save money by printing checks on plain paper.
Haley Marketing Group Haley Marketing provides website design, integration with AST web extensions, e-mail and direct mail marketing, and creative services specifically for the AST clients and the staffing industry.
IBF IBF will print, sort, stuff and mail your W-2's (with postage) for about 60 - 70 cents each.
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