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Back Office Staffing Software

Simplify Payroll & Billing for your Staffing Firm

Integrated front and back office systems are a necessity in the staffing industry today. AST's payroll and billing tools are 100% integrated with your front office tools, eliminating the need for double entry and minimizing the changes for error. Key features of the Payroll and Billing tools include:
  • Time Tracking

    • Timesheets can be produced automatically by front office tools
    • Hours can be entered manually or imported via phone, Internet or time capture technology
    • Timesheets can be used for normal temporary staffing, temp-to-hire fees, and temp-to-hire liquidation fees
    • Time data can be tracked automatically by pay period or billing period, including previous weeks' missing time sheets
    • Time data will automatically flow to billing and payroll
  • Payroll

    • Payroll is automatically updated by hours entry process
    • Calculate gross earnings, net earnings, and any recurring earnings and deductions
    • Produce paychecks with assigned pay detail on stub
    • Store and report on all earnings/deductions accumulations
    • Produce quarterly reports and Federal and State filings
    • Interface with popular payroll services like ADP and Ceridian
    • Payroll and invoice data flows into sales analysis reporting
  • Billing & Accounts Receivable

    • Invoicing is automatically updated by hours entry process
    • Calculate billing by client, client departments, address, or whatever criteria your client prefers
    • Produce invoices, selected, sorted and printed in whatever custom profile you and your customer prefer, even to different addresses for the same client
    • Post all information to the open A/R file
    • Produce detail and summary aging reports, trial balances, and cash receipts processing
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Accounts Payable

AST's Accounts Payable is a complete system for recording vendor transactions, writing checks, and tracking vendor activity. You can manage all your routine (and not so routine) payables tasks, while monitoring your payables situations at all times. In addition, cash planning allows you to prepare for cash needs in advance. Key features include:
  • Vendor Database

    • Extensive standard data
    • Payment status and priority
    • 1099-MISC payments
    • Automatic expense distribution option
    • Up to 99 "Pay to" addresses per vendor
    • Excellence history per period for 5 years
    • Notes and optional extended data
  • Transactions

    • Invoice, credit memos, prepaid invoices
    • Entry features customized per operator
    • Multiple A/P, discount and cash accounts
    • Allows one-time miscellaneous vendors
    • Option to cancel incorrect postings
    • Expense to accounts
    • Hold status for transactions with questions
    • Customer refunds
  • Payment Processing

    • Cash requirements forecasting
    • Automatic and/or individual selection of invoices to be paid
    • Hold payment on an invoice or vendor
    • Partial payment of an invoice
    • Optional separate check for an invoice
    • Pre-check authorization report
    • Manual and void check processing
    • Single or batch check processing
  • Reporting

    • Inquiry into open items and history
    • Check history inquiry and reporting
    • Aged analysis of open items
    • Trial balance to reconcile with G/L
    • Check registers and reports
    • Purchase journal
    • Cash requirements report
    • 1099-MISC forms or magnetic media
  • Other Special Features

    • Cash or accrual basis accounting system
    • Recurring transaction subsystem
    • Optional interface to Cash Flow Ledger
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General Ledger

An integrated financial system means that AST's General Ledger journal file is automatically updated as transactions occur allowing you to produce accurate financial statements and other reports on demand. Features of the G/L include:
  • Financial Statements

    • Income statement
    • Balance sheet
    • Source / Application of funds
    • FASB 95 cash flow
    • Custom supporting schedules
    • Standard reports for easy set-up
    • Option to customize report layout or columns of information
    • Analysis of variance and trends, department and multi-company comparisons
    • Period, quarter, year reporting
    • Multi-company consolidation
    • Print options include footnotes and output to spreadsheets or word processing
  • Transaction Features

    • "Ledger look" for easy entry and review
    • Accruals with automatic reversal
    • Prior-year adjustments that automatically roll the change into the current year
    • Memo-type entries for non-financial data
  • G/L Account Features

    • User-defined account number structure
    • Predefined chart of accounts option for easy set-up
    • 12 or 13 accounting periods
    • Current, original and pending budget per period per account
    • Comparative amounts for last 5 years
    • Budget work file for interactive budget review and change
    • Assign accounts to reporting entities
  • Inquiry / Reporting

    • On-screen review of an account and zoom to any source document for a transaction
    • Trial balance and transaction history
    • Optional interface to Cash Flow Ledger and ExecuMate
    • Optional use of spreadsheet interface
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Cash Flow Ledger

All cash transactions for the AST system flow automatically into AST's Cash Flow Ledger providing instant access to your cash status and answering your cash flow related questions. Key features include:
  • Automatic Tracking of Cash Data

    • Update when G/L is updated
    • Reflects cash in from A/R and G/L adjustments
    • Reflects cash out from check and G/L adjustments
  • Bank Reconciliation

    • Interactive (manual) reconciliation of cleared items
    • Auto-reconcile A/P, P/R checks from a bank file
    • Reconciliation report
    • Option to search or report on cash transactions
    • Unlimited number of bank accounts
    • Unlimited number of cash accounts per bank account
    • Bank adjustments in G/L are automatically reflected in cash flow
  • Cash Flow Management

    • Cash flow inquiry with running balance of cash per day
    • Display or report by date and type of cash flow
    • Zoom into the detail source document for a cash flow
  • Other Reporting

    • Deposit Detail Report to see detail transactions in each daily deposit
    • Check Number Audit Report
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ExecuMate is an executive information system, providing an up-to-the-minute picture of your organization's financial health and current activity. Through fully customizable dashboards, ExecuMate gives you a picture of your company's key metrics and enables you to zoom into any area that demands your attention. Key features include:
  • Summary analysis
  • Company totals or branch/profit center detail
  • Cash and aging totals
  • Trigger "Alert" warnings
  • Financial statement totals
  • Accounting area summaries (A/R, A/P and Payroll)
  • Cash management
    • Current balance
    • Cash worksheet
    • Last 10 weeks actual cash flows
    • Next 10 weeks projected cash flows
    • Comparative A/R and A/P aging
  • Business indicators / statistics
    • Today's sales
    • Status of key files
    • Summary activity statistics per day, week, month
    • Trigger "Alerts" for G/L accounts or financial ratios
  • Interactive financial statements
    • Zoom from totals to section, account and transaction details
  • Graphs
    • User-defined bar or stacked-bar display
    • Automatically updated
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The AST system provides a wide range of standard reports. ReportMate extends that capability giving you the power to create custom reports based on any data in the system. Key features include:
  • Access any and all data in the AST system
  • Set up to 5 sort sequences per report
  • Define your own record selection criteria
  • Run detail or summary reports
  • WYSIWYG report design
  • Include up to 264 columns per line and 10 lines per record
  • Output to printer, screen or file
  • Output to Excel or as HTML file or XLM data
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