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Software for Small Staffing Firms


Small staffing firms are entrepreneurial. They're smart, agile, aggressive, and totally customer focused.

And all too often they are totally dependent on the owner and one or two key managers.

In order to get beyond the entrepreneurial stage, small staffing firms must successfully bridge the often painful gap to becoming "professionally managed." This can require new people, new procedures, new business controls and new support systems, which provide the owners with more control...without losing flexibility.

ASTís Software Solution for Small Firms

At AST, we are extremely well-versed in process optimization and standardization.

Here's what we do for small staffing firms:

Process Consulting
  • Identify greatest leverage points for productivity improvement.
  • Identify and optimize service strengths.
  • Convert strengths into repeatable standards.
  • Build process standards and create better controls for business processes.
  • Facilitate consistent service delivery across organization.
  • Improve communication through CRM and task management.
  • Eliminate non-core administrative functions.
  • Resume parsing and applicant builder
  • Small business version of CRM and Enterprise Control Modules
  • Applicant tracking and skill search module
  • Resume Search
  • Bill/Pay Processing
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Outcomes Design
  • Process Design
  • Training
  • Implementation support
  • Hosted solutions

Small Firm Challenges
  • Lack of standardization
  • Owner stretched too thin
  • Inefficient workflows
  • Lost sales opportunities
  • Too much firefighting
  • Lack of control

Please note:
Every AST installation is unique. The services and tools outlined above are for illustration purposes only, and AST will only recommend those services and tools that are appropriate to achieve your specific business objectives.
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