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Software for Medical Staffing Firms


Medical staffing firms face some of the most difficult recruiting and staffing challenges of any sector in the industry. Efficiency and accuracy can mean the difference between profitability and loss.

While process standardization and the ability to manage the organization with real-time data are important for all staffing firms, they are absolutely vital for medical staffing firms.

Medical Staffing Software That Gives You More Control

At AST, we have a great deal of experience providing solutions to the unique challenges of medical staffing. Our tools help optimize customer service while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and timely management of billing and cash flow.

Here's how AST gives medical staffing firms tight control over operations:
Process Consulting
  • Manage compliance issues.
  • Manage critical nursing resources.
  • Medicaid and private pay billing.
  • Integrate scheduling with back office and accounting functions.
  • Drive consistent services across enterprise.
  • Monitor critical service thresholds.
  • Scheduling
  • Candidate tracking and compliance module
  • Medical Pay/Bill
  • Patient medical records
  • ERP Application with CRM and Enterprise control module
  • Integrated financial system
  • Workflow and business rules
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Outcomes Design
  • IT Governance Coaching
  • Process Design
  • Training
  • Implementation support
  • Hosted solutions

Medical Staffing Challenges
  • Schedule coordination
  • Client and candidate relationship management
  • Response time
  • Process efficiency
  • Asset maximization
  • Patient care

Please note:
Every AST installation is unique. The services and tools outlined above are for illustration purposes only, and AST will only recommend those services and tools that are appropriate to achieve your specific business objectives.
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