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Software for Large Staffing Firms


Large staffing organizations face a host of complex growth and management challenges. While strong internal procedures and systems are typically in place, assets tend to be used less efficiently and more inconsistencies tend to arise between locations.

This is a point where many organizations outgrow the internal systems previously put in place during earlier stages of growth.

Staffing Software that Combines Business Strategy and Functionality

For large staffing companies, AST provides a platform for clearly linking technology and workflow to business strategy. AST puts key metrics in the hands of corporate and regional executives, as well as local branch managers to facilitate real-time operations management.

Here's how AST helps large staffing firms regain control:
Process Consulting
  • Facilitate broader vision for technology integrated with process control.
  • Help integrate IT with business strategy.
  • Integrate business process around principles of ERP technology.
  • Design E-Commerce strategy.
  • Help realign H/R assets around ERP application opportunities.
  • Facilitate business case development around IT goals.
  • SQL based ERP Application with CRM and Enterprise control module
  • Workflow and business rules
  • Applicant tracking and skill search
  • Bill/Pay Processing with integrated financial system
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Resume parsing and applicant builder
  • Resume Search
  • On-line application
  • E-commerce web extensions
  • For larger staffing firms AST offers additional platforms including Linux/Unix Servers
  • Outcomes Design
  • Process Design
  • Training
  • Implementation support
  • Linux, UNIX platforms


Large Firm Challenges
  • Reducing bureaucracy
  • Hiring and retention of internal staff
  • Scalability of systems
  • Process efficiency
  • Asset maximization
  • Internal communication

Please note:
Every AST installation is unique. The services and tools outlined above are for illustration purposes only, and AST will only recommend those services and tools that are appropriate to achieve your specific business objectives.
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