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Front and Back Office - Process Consulting and Support Services

As a service organization, your business process is your brand. Your staff's execution is the most important message in your marketing mix. AST's process consulting assesses your service delivery and makes recommendations on how to make it a consistent message of quality and excellence. We introduce our clients to CRM as a business methodology so you can enjoy the financial benefits of keeping hard earned client relationships loyal year in and year out.

Get More Out of Your Staffing Software

Our process consultants will teach you how to leverage an ERP application so that you can get the most effective use of your staff and your technology. People are the most costly resource in a staffing organization. To the extent that we can help you leverage your staff to higher and more productive uses, we can help you achieve profits and financial growth you never thought possible.

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Implementing Your Staffing Software

With over 30 years combined experience, AST's senior system consultants are uniquely qualified to guide you through the successful implementation of your AST solution.
  • AST's system consultants bring an understanding of the staffing industry and outstanding technical skills to every system implementation.
  • Our project managers are trained to focus on producing business value and help you achieve significant ROI from your technology investment.
  • Our support team will ensure your staff is fully trained, and provide the ongoing support necessary to ensure successful adoption of new tools and procedures.
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Client Service

Applied Systems Technology's customer connection is provided within a Total Quality Management (TQM) system.
  • The goals for the client services department are customer driven, measured and continuously improved.
  • Each week we monitor statistics to ensure we are providing quality service.
  • We provide our clients with access to client service representatives through e-mail and over the phone and maintain the best response time in the industry.
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Hosted IT Solutions

AST's Hosted Solution will:
  • Improve the delivery of IT services via a professional full-time IT staff
  • Provide the most robust server platform on the market
  • Maintain the currency of your OS, MS office tools and enterprise application
  • Control costs through a fixed monthly expense for IT services
  • Reduce internal cost of in-house IT staff
One monthly fee includes:
  • All future upgrades to AST and Microsoft products
  • All server hardware and Citrix licenses at the hosted site
  • All Microsoft Office products and ongoing upgrades
  • All AST maintenance fees
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