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The Sales Professional - Persona and Portal

Staffing software that helps you sell more.

As a sales professional, you’re in charge of growing and nurturing client relationships.

Persona provides you with the data and tools you need to close new business, cross sell, and maximize existing client relationships. The Persona Sales Portal offers essential client information including instant access to order history, past fill ratios, better prospect lists, key account overviews, and notification of new candidates that are the perfect fit for your clients—while offering a complete CRM solution.

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Thanks to AST's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capabilities, you'll have access to all client related data from your sales portal, giving you a true 360 view of your clients.

The Sales Portal

  • Key account history
  • Recent order status
  • New candidate notifications
  • Robust CRM solution
  • In-depth prospect profiles
  • 360 view of your client relationships
  • More sales

For sales professionals, Persona provides…

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What is Role Based Software

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