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What is Role Based Staffing Software?

Typically, when software developers design software, they do not think of individual users. Instead, they try to build the software for everyone-a one-size-fits-all approach.

Role Based Software is just the opposite. It starts with the individual user. The developer creates Personas, or characterizations of the people who are actually going to be using the software.

How can Staffing Firms benefit from Role Based Software?
When designing software for staffing firms, Role Based Software requires the developer to create personas for a staffing coordinator, a sales person, or the CEO of a staffing company.

The designer will ask questions like...

  • What are that person's goals for any given day?
  • What are their key responsibilities?
  • What information do they need to perform at the highest level?
  • What type of person are they? Are they analytical? Are they creative?
The software is then designed around the specific goals and needs of each Persona and individual portals are created.

With traditional software packages, you have to log into the software and search for the information you need. With Persona's Role Based Software, you enter a portal that was designed specifically for your job function and the critical information you need each day is pushed to you.

Simpy put, Persona is the first staffing software built to help you realize your goals.

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