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Introducing The Staffing Industry's First

Role Based Software

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The ultimate goal of business software is to help people achieve their goals.

Persona is the first staffing software developed around the specific, real life goals of staffing professionals.

Before we designed Persona
we walked a mile in YOUR shoes.
  • We spent time studying the different roles in a staffing firm.
  • We defined the job responsibilities and personal goals for each type of role.
  • We uncovered the biggest challenges and stumbling blocks that stand in the way of achieving these goals.
Then we created portals that cater to your job-streamlining the information and the tools that you need to reach your goals.

Everything you need to gain more control.
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Everything you need to sell more.
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Everything you need to simplify your job and find more time.
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Everything you need to drive branch performance.
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What is Role Based Software

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