AST - Applied Systems Technology
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Staffing Software That Compliments Your Workflow.

Without custom programming, perfect harmonization between staffing software and desired business processes has been an impossibility for staffing companies. Companies that do engage in custom programming face the hassles of having a non-standard system that is not readily upgradeable.

Staffing Software That is Customized and Scalable

WorkFlow brings programming level modifications to the User Administrator level in a way that your AST system keeps standard. Additionally, as Bob Gilbert notes, "workflow mechanisms force a company to define processes that may not have been well understood. [people] begin to see opportunities for process improvement."

With WorkFlow you will be able to perform the "real process engineering" championed by Lockheed Martin executive Bob Gilbert. WorkFlow gives you the ability to "insert" new functions (called FlowMods) at many different points in a process. WorkFlow and its FlowMods will help you refine your business processes and identify and eliminate unnecessary procedures.

With FlowMods, you can:
  • Add Operator or Group specific customization of keystroke and/or security features.
  • Conditionally change the value of a filed based on the value entered elsewhere.
  • Create a utility that generates an Internet e-mail (internal or external) or an internal note based on an event in the system.
  • Stopping the normal flow from continuing if a special condition is not met, while displaying a custom message.
  • Calculating and accumulating amounts not stored in the standard system.
  • Activating a flag when a particular situation occurs, then testing that flag in other processes.
  • Changing search logic in Applicant Searches, Lookups/Queries.