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What is ERP?
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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)...
Software that truly connects all areas of your staffing firm.

What is ERP and how can it improve your staffing firm’s profitability?

Imagine walking into our office tomorrow morning and there are three alerts on your computer screen - all automatically generated by your ERP application - the first one notifies you that a sales person forgot to call a key account. The second one tells you that the gross margin for two of your offices fell below a specified threshold. The third one notified you that an account broke through a generous credit limit that you established - and oh by the way, the software automatically e-mailed your customers accounts payable person to prompt them for payment.

Connect your service team with your sales force.

Imagine a client calling a service coordinator who immediately responds "I see John from our sales team was out to visit you yesterday, how did it go."

Imagine that same person being able to answer any question that comes up regarding their relationship with your staffing firm—no "Please hold on" or "I'll need to transfer you to another department".

Make your sales reps more productive.

Imagine your sales people knowing who to call and when based on the importance of the account and you being notified if there is a break in the continuity of a sales campaign.

Make your front and back office work more effectively.

Imagine full proof safe guards that would not permit a temp to be placed unless they met all of the screening requirements of a particular client.

Imagine your computer alerting you every time someone on your staff fails to follow your established operating procedures.

Run your staffing firm remotely.

Imagine having all the information you need to effectively manage remote operations without having to spend all your time in the field.

With ERP, there's no need to imagine.

ERP is a technology platform that develops expertise about your staffing firm's critical business processes and helps you manage the business smarter. When combined with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and workflow management tools, an ERP solution provides a truly unique platform that gives you real-time control over how your business is operating.

ERP software is the only technology where you can train your software to look at your staffing business the way you do, so that the software understands your critical business drivers and centralizes your control over service delivery, sales and financial management.

From a technical perspective, ERP is a staffing software platform that manages all the resources of your business from one central database. It gives you the power to watch over every aspect of your business and makes sure that your people are doing the things that are most important for you to accomplish your business goals. ERP systems can be configured to proactively direct your people to ensure service consistency, maximize client relationships, improve sales margins, and optimize cash flow.

ERP software changes the way staffing firms are managed, so that each employee can spend more time doing the things that add value to your client and candidate relationships.

A 360-degree view enables world-class service

Staffing firms that embrace true ERP solutions break away from the typical separation between sales, service and the back-office. They accomplish what the CRM experts call a 360-degree view of relationships. ERP systems make all relevant operational, accounting and financial information available to sales and service personnel through one client and candidate portal. Your clients and candidates will be impressed with the comprehensive understanding that each service, sales and back office employee has concerning their relationship with your firm.

ERP technology is about improving efficiency and delivering exceptional service to your clients and candidates. It's about standardizing operational procedures to simplify management and improve quality. And most importantly, ERP is about increasing the lifetime value of your clients and maximizing the profitability of your staffing firm.

What can ERP do for your staffing firm?

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  • Simplify management
    ERP systems can trigger "alerts" to managers if required procedures are not being followed or key performance metrics are outside normal boundaries.
  • Maximize client relationships
    ERP gives sales people access to historical purchasing data to plan better sales strategies and capture more repeat business. It directs the critical resources of your staffing firm to the most profitable and valuable client relationships. And ERP drives the right behavior to the right relationships, so you get the most value from those relationships and retain them over the long haul.
  • Improve decision-making
    ERP systems integrate front and back office information to provide sales and operations staff with better information to make decisions.
  • Standardize operations
    ERP systems allow you to define business rules for managing workflow based on the best practices in your firm.and the industry.
  • Facilitate consistent service delivery
    ERP allows managers to monitor operating procedures in real-time to ensure the right processes are being consistently followed.
  • Improve cash management
    ERP provides an up-to-the-minute picture of your organization's financial health and current activity, so you can manage your resources more aggressively.

Would you benefit from a staffing software system built on an ERP platform?

In an article in Industry Week, "Workflow: 'Unsung Hero'," by John H. Sheridan, Bob Gilbert, a Lockheed Martin executive advises those searching for IT solutions, "...It is possible to buy a solution for a given business problem that... has more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at... But the question is: Will all the bells and whistles add value?"

Gilbert insists that management must "determine which IT solutions will add value and which represents overkill." One solution Gilbert offers is a flexible enterprise-level system with embedded workflow mechanisms, so business processes can be defined and improved within the software. Organizations should search for more limber IT solutions that can conform to and enhance business processes resulting in increased productivity.

And that's what an ERP solution is all about.

ERP is not about adding more features and functions to staffing software. It's about integrating data to provide more useful information to run your firm. It's about standardizing operating processes to ensure greater consistency and more quality. It's about improving service, simplifying management, and creating a solid platform for future growth. And most importantly, ERP is about running your business smarter, and breaking through the commoditization of the staffing industry.

ERP and AST's Staffing Software

For many years, ERP was a solution that was only available to large manufacturing firms. True enterprise systems costs ranged from several hundred thousand to millions of dollars and required a team of consultants to implement.

But AST has changed the rules of ERP for the staffing industry. We have developed the only ERP platform specifically designed for small to mid-sized staffing organizations. Our enterprise staffing software solution is designed to manage all the resources within your staffing organization to create an exceptional customer service experience, an experience that will improve the lifetime value of each customer relationship.

The software tools and services that are part of AST's enterprise staffing application are all designed to significantly enhance your firm's ability to differentiate your services. Clients are impacted by what goes on in every department within your organization whether it is recruiting, placements, accounting, payroll, sales and customer service. AST's enterprise staffing software manages all of that data across the enterprise to help you manage your resources in the most productive way and deliver a staffing service that compels your clients to come back over and over again.

Here's what AST's ERP staffing software solution can do for your firm:

  • Automatically assign and track daily tasks for your staff - ensuring all operational goals and standards are met.
  • Optimize your ability to service clients and candidates by providing a 360-degree view of those relationships encompassing all operational and financial data.
  • Monitor and alert you to critical business conditions to drive consistent service delivery.
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