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AST Case Study

Client: Staff Providers

Staff Providers is a full service staffing firm based in Wilton Connecticut. The company was founded in 2000 by the two principles, Howard and Lisa Chubinsky. The firm does business services and medical placements on a temporary and direct placement basis.

This Situation

According to Lisa, "We were being successful and the business was growing. We didn't actually articulate it at the time, but we could kind of sense that things were getting out of control and we started looking around for some guidance. At one point, we hooked up with a consultant, but he didn't know our industry."

Business Challenges

  1. Operations had started to get out of control.
  2. Owners were trying to do too many things and had no time to manage.
  3. The company needed a platform that would allow the business to expand geographically throughout the Tri-State area.
  4. The company was paying a lot for a funding company, and doing all the data entry work themselves.

Technology Goals

  1. Design and build business processes
  2. Create standards of operation
  3. Develop a management structure that would allow the business to scale with the proper controls and with the optimum operating ratios.

The Process

Here's how Lisa describes her experience with AST:

"I first heard of AST and Dave Reiss in a conference call presentation with Frank Troppe. Frank said, this guy really sounds like he knows what he's doing. He liked what Dave had to say about managing people and using technology to monitor what they're doing and organize their routine.

When we contacted AST, Dave Reiss said he would immediately come out and see us. We thought he would be bringing the software and showing us a demo, but that's not what happened. Instead, we just talked. We discussed our business and our plans and a lot of different things.

During our meeting, we talked about establishing business processes that would allow us to grow the company beyond the things Howard and I were doing ourselves. We wanted to start early while the business was relatively small because it's easier to deal with a small number of people.

We felt like we were trying to do too much and needed to be more managerial, which Dave quickly understood.

We had a sense that things were not running perfectly smooth, but we couldn't articulate the problems. That's what Dave helped us do.

The number one thing we took away from the meeting is the difference between being managers and being entrepreneurs. We realized we needed to learn how to be better managers. We're used to being a little loose about things, but now we know we can't afford to do that."

The Solution

Implementing AST's process changes and technology has enabled Staff Providers to:
  1. Coordinate our activities and better share information.
  2. Get organized and give our staff the ability to perform at their best.
  3. More efficiently manage client relationships.

"One thing that we picked up on is that Dave genuinely cares about what he's doing and what he can do for us. Thanks to his sincerity, enthusiasm and knowledge about our business, we're confident that the work we're doing will lead to success."
Lisa Chubinsky
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