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About Applied Systems Technology - Testimonials

"Our initial goal was to obtain a 'cutting edge' staffing software system, and after researching competing software, we chose to partner with Applied Systems Technology."

What drove this decision was the fact that the AST software could be tailor made to our staffing firm's specific needs and preferences, as opposed to the 'off the rack' pre-packaged approach offered by others. Although our original objective was solely the purchase of staffing software, the process consulting provided by AST has been of enormous benefit to our senior executive team as we transition from an entrepreneurial to a managerial model in preparation for the commencement of field operations in a multi branch environment."

Howard Chubinsky, Esq.
Principal & General Counsel
Staff Providers, LLC

"My partnership with AST has made me a better staffing business owner. The ERP solution has given us the tools we need to make good business decisions each and every time. Information is expansive, real time, accurate and easily accessible. Automated processes and system prompts have saved us countless hours per employee allowing them time to focus on their customers. We have gained such efficiencies that we can absorb significant growth without adding headcount."

Carmella Calta
Staffing Solutions Enterprises

"One thing that we picked up on is that AST genuinely cares about what they're doing and what they can do for us. Thanks to the sincerity, enthusiasm and knowledge shared by everyone at AST, we're confident that the work we're doing will lead to success."

Lisa Chubinsky
Staff Providers, LLC

...AST has been of enormous benefit...

...automated processes and system prompts have saved us countless hours...

..."cutting edge" staffing software system...

...sincerity, enthusiasm and knowledge shared by everyone at AST...
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