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About Applied Systems Technology - Partners

Industry Associations

AST is a proud member of the following organizations:
ASA  NAPS   TempNet

Scheduling, Recruiting, Payroll Partners

Resume Mirror Resume Mirror extracts unstructured resume data and puts it in a structured format, so you can create applicant records directly from incoming resumes. Resume Mirror eliminates the high cost of data entry.
dtSearch dtSearch gives you the power to do a keyword search of the resumes in your system. For those times when you need more than a skills search, dtSearch finds the right candidates faster.
Symmetry Software Symmetry Software, or provides current federal, state, and local tax withholding tables, as well as SUI limits and other payroll information to keep your tax tables up-to-date.
XRM Solutions, Inc. XRM Solutions delivers VMS (Vendor Management System) technology to staffing firms that are primary tiers with their clients. XRM Solutions fully integrates with AST's systems; in fact, XRM Solutions is also an AST client!
ADP ADP offers payroll, benefits, time and attendance, 401(k) record keeping and unemployment compensation services to over 455,000 employers worldwide. AST can export to ADP for your payroll services.
AP Technology AP Technology's award-winning check printing solutions will work hand in hand with your AST software to provide end-to-end check fraud protection and optimal check processing efficiencies that save your company time and money. Click here to learn more about AcuPrint's check processing solutions.
Ceridian Ceridian provides payroll processing and other human resource management services. AST can export to Ceridian for your payroll services.
IBF Group IBF Group provides a secure check stock, self-mailing checks, W-2 processing, and other payroll products and services at affordable prices.
Wells Fargo AST software produces Wells Fargo Positive Pay files for payroll security issues.
Commeg Systems Commeg Systems produces, installs, and supports TimePro, a time capturing system for use at clients' sites. TimePro keeps time and attendance information, and will output the reporting needed in many VOP (Vendor-on-Premises) situations.

Other Product Partners

TALX Corporation TALX Corporation is a leading provider of human resource and payroll-related services and holds a leadership position in automated employment and income verification as well as unemployment tax management. TALX provides over 9,000 clients, including three-fourths of Fortune 500 companies, with web-based services focused in three employment-related areas: Hiring, Pay Reporting, and Compliance. Hiring services include assessments and talent management, paperless new hires, and tax credits and incentives. Pay Reporting services include electronic time tracking, paperless pay, and W-2 management. Compliance services include employment and income verifications, unemployment tax management, and I-9 management.
QWIZ QWIZ provides pre-employment skills assessment and training solutions. AST interfaces with QWIZ software for efficient transfer of important testing data into AST products.
AcuCorp AcuCorp provides solutions for Internet deployment, character to graphical user interfaces, expanded data access capabilities, distributed computing and client/server architectures, and improved programmer productivity. AcuCorp development platforms give AST software unparalleled flexibility.
SouthWare® SouthWare is the provider of an integrated family of financial and management information software for all size organizations and a wide variety of industries. AST software is powered by SouthWare software and products.
Haley Marketing Group Haley Marketing provides website design, e-mail and direct mail marketing and other creative services to the staffing industry. They help our clients integrate AST web extensions with their websites.
Essential StaffCARE Essential StaffCARE is the largest provider of health insurance and benefits to the Staff and Temporary employment industry.
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